2. Everything is cancelled except for me going to work looking cute. Plz buy coffee from me.

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  3. This is me lookin’ real cute.

  4. benrains:

    anybody but the cops on Flickr by Ben Rains.

    Rory of Anybody but the Cops at Punktoberfest 2. October 26th, 2013. Bloomington, Indiana.

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  5. Uh oh it’s ME

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  6. Feeling really cutehandsome today, must be the Halloween spirit.

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  7. ¬†myself, my partner, my basement. Taken by one of my favorite bands I’ve had the privilege of playing my house. Huge fan of this grimey photo.

  8. Stressin’ before the MINUTES show

  9. Need at least one photo of my hair bleach before I end up cutting it in a week or so.

  10. So this is not what I usually put on my tumblr but I just want to say that today I was binding, which I don’t usually do, and I feel great because no one has called me ma’am all day at work. I’m wearing my goofy punk attire, it’s sunny outside, and I feel really good about myself.

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    Sorry for this gross pic but i just love rars

    bandana wearing queerpunx

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    I hate leaving this bed to go to work look at these cute creatures

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  13. Gave myself a haircut, and I feel pretty good about how I look.

  14. Stuck with relatives and bored, so here’s a photo of me as a hot cop by Kasey Chaos.

  15. I am in love and I am happy and it is this simple.

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