1. kittycatters:

    Fresh little squirrel by nick rivera of old anchor



  2. "… please remember that all self-definitions are provisional, all categories are exclusionary, experience is a better teacher than doctrine, and there is no afterlife so do it now."
    — Craig Flanagin of the queercore experimental band God is my Co-Pilot
  3. Just reminding people and drawing skateboards, that’s all.

  4. blairellis:

    some sketches of buildings/stuff in Flint… (points if anyone can guess them all)… also one of LKL/RGR’s TV and XladyfaceX’s van

    I was going to make a zine (and maybe someday will) but I don’t feel like I have anything that insightful about flint.

    Diggin’ Blair’s buildings.

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  5. johndarnielle:


    I really hope Yahoo doesn’t fuck up Tumblr like it’s fucked up … well, every single thing it’s ever touched in the history of the universe.

    See here’s the thing though. The only way to prevent something like this would have been to make Tumblr an unwelcoming space, and that’s…

    John Darnielle’s patented paradox now owned by Lion’s Gate Film.

    No but really, this is a fairly concise, important thing to consider.

  6. I’m really excited about this project that I have become involved in run by Lazy Mouse Press to blend the art of poetry with flyering culture and styling. I was one of the artists asked my local poet Nic Hampton to design for one of his works. Here’s my finished result, but it will also be screenprinted, which will look even better!


  7. highdivetheband:

    Hey! We have a new member and some new songs and we’re going to play some shows this June!

    Monday, June 10th
    Indianapolis, IN @ TBA

    Tuesday, June 11th
    Columbia, MO @ The Peppermint Forest
    E-mail highdivetheband(at)gmail(dot)com for the address!
    w/ Doby Watson, Margo May, & Soul Mama

    Yay Milhouse / DIT! Also playing: Signals Midwest, Sleepyhead, Running Shoes, Tim Tapper. This show is going to be sweet, and I’m going to make a really swell flyer for the occassion.

  8. Closer to completion.

  9. Need at least one photo of my hair bleach before I end up cutting it in a week or so.

  10. This was my grandma, and I think this photo is really cool.

  11. musicboys:

    Kalamazoo Amplifiers & Guitars Catalog, 1967.

    I love this. Kalamazoo could afford to look more like this. We’re on our  way.

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  12. redone flyer for this show

  13. limencommunitas:


    Awesome flyer by Victoria! Sunday May 26th @ Milhouse w/ Caravels, Old Gray, I Kill Giants and nohealth!

    So many frands. Plus this will be when I get home from my month long adventure!
    Oh and I made that.

    yoooo this flyer is gooooooood

  14. for a later project


  15. garrettsucks:

    “I am a gender failure. You are free to call me trans* and I am proud to lift this name up and hold it right there in the sun, and you would not be wrong. But it still feels like I’m borrowing this word from someone else, that it’s not all the way mine and my friend who lent it to me might need it back or they might need it more than me. Really these are all just words and words are always imperfect.” 

    -Ivan E. Coyote in “Gender Failure” with Rae Spoon.

    This. This this this.

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