2. ourladyband:

    So the “Vessels” 7” is finally up for pre order and in order to celebrate we are doing a GIVEAWAY for one of only 12 test pressings and some other merch! 

    What you get:

    1. One of only 12 “Vessels” test presses on translucent red vinyl

    2. One of the brand new Moon t shirts in S-XL (on tultex)

    3. One of the “Vessels” t shirts in S-XL (on tultex)

    4. 4 free stickers (2 of each kind)

    5. A poster

    6. A patch by Benny Dewitt

    7. A copy of the first release of “Dawning” on cassette

    All you have to do to win is reblog this post and like us on FACEBOOK!! Every reblog and like counts as a submission so reblog as many times as you want. (we realize you can only like us once, and also that some people dont have Facebook) 

    The winner will be announced over Facebook, Tumblr, and Twitter. The winner will also receive a message on tumblr informing them that they have won. 

    The WINNER will be announced August 3rd! Don’t waste time!


    You can listen to “Vessels” & “Dawning” at http://www.ourlady.bandcamp.com

    Our Lady is sweet and my buddies and this test press has a photo I took at Milhouse on it, which looks so cool! WIN THIS STUFF.

  3. Ray Jackson on a coffee adventure

  4. A bit of an experimental flyer for this show



  7. This photo is from 1999 in my dining room. All these kids are gone now. I believe the first guy overdosed, but I didn’t know him. Jay, in the middle was hit by a car on his moped in 2008. Graham was hit by a car on his motorcycle yesterday. Graham was 7 years older than me, and when I was a young kid getting into punk he told me bands to download, and I thought he was just the coolest.

    I do not live in a world with the illusion of the invincibility of youth, and I’m sick of the world trying to prove to me a point I already understand too well.

  8. Stressin’ before the MINUTES show

  9. kittycatters:

    i made this mixed media collage flyer for this show at my house.


    (via kittycatters-deactivated2014061)

  13. hand drawn logo for 1980 records in Chicago, who I will eventually be helping design tapes for.

  14. I have so many of both of these stickers. I want you to have some.