1. kittycatters:

    i made this mixed media collage flyer for this show at my house.


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  5. hand drawn logo for 1980 records in Chicago, who I will eventually be helping design tapes for.

  6. I have so many of both of these stickers. I want you to have some.

  9. thetilian:

    New shirts and patches for tour!

    I drew the streetpig and Sam is a cutie, so buy some Reptilian merch while they’re out n about

  12. vitameternum:


    Kalamazoo friends! If you’re interested in being a part of a summer poetry workshop, check this out! Message me if you want to know more!

    Reposting because friends don’t let friends publicize alone.

    Yeah, this!

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  13. Reblogging an old photo I posted to remind myself that I am essentially my dad in the mid 80s.

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  14. kittycatters:

    I made these, anyone want one? With or without jewels?

    Holy shit, yes.

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  15. Hand screen-printed flyers by Jontilian for this show coming up this Sunday! Come get one when you donate to the touring folks.